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A Flexible Alternative to Steel Strapping. One of the strongest plastic strapping products is polyester (PET) strapping. Polyester banding work as an alternative to other strapping for specific industries such as brick, lumber and textiles. A crucial benefit of polyester strapping is that it will stay tight on rigid loads while still absorbing ...

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Produced in the FROMM recycling plant from used PET bottles is high grade ground material, agglomer-ates and regranulates for the production of PET strapping, food-stuff films, textiles and drink bottles. This enables FROMM PET products to satisfy the most rigorous ecological requirements. The plant is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO

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Our steel strapping kits come in both portable and jumbo sizes, making it easy for you to choose exactly what you need for your business. Your Plastic and Steel Strapping Kit Supplier. At PAC Strapping Products, we have been in the industry long enough to know what you need when it comes to plastic and steel strapping.

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Jul 03, 2018· The PET recycling company Texplast in Wolfen (Germany) has been a subsidiary of FROMM Plastics since 2004. Texplast produces PET pellets and PET flakes. FROMM uses these for its own production of strapping bands and also supplies manufacturers of beverage bottles, thermoforming sheets and fibres.

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FROMM is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Strapping Machines, Hand Held Tools and Strapping Consumables. FROMM Packaging Ltd stocks an extensive range of strapping tools and consumables, including; fully automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines, Plastic and Steel Strapping, and our world renowned line of Hand Held Strapping Tools.

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Polyester Strapping. Polyester strapping also known as PET strapping is used when regular polypropylene strapping isn't strong enough to get the job done.Polyester strap most closely resembles steel strapping in its physical characteristics. Polyester strapping will withstand higher tensioning than other plastic strapping up to 25% higher, with equivalent break strengths.

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TYCOON ® PET strapping. With their small manufacturing tolerances, consistent high quality, and high breaking strength, our TYCOON ® PET strapping ensures smooth processes on both fully automatic strapping machines and hand tools. In many applications, our polyester strapping is suited to take the place of steel strapping and offers the following advantages over conventional steel strapping:

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The Go-To Supplier of PET Strapping Solutions . Proper packaging plays a crucial role in just about every major industry in the world today, and no-one understands the need for reliable, practical packaging tools better than the team at FROMM.

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Characteristics. Automatic PET and/or STEEL strapping machine. Product: Aluminum – Coils. Packaging: Strap and wrap. Weighing and labeling operations. The heads can be placed on top, side, horizontal or bottom position. The strap can arrives directly from dispensers to the heads. Easy access to the heads for maintenance.

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2(TWO) FROMM P300 ELECTRIC SEALLESS PLASTIC STRAPPING TOOL. POLYPROPYLENE POLYESTER 2 FROMM P300 Plastic strapping machine. Max. strap tension Infinitely variable adjustment up to max. 1600 N(360 lbs. Tension speed 170 mm/s Power 115-120V(50/60Hz) Single phase This automatic strapper puts tension on the banding.


Assembling of strapping, packaging tools and strapping machines, as well as the end testing conducted in-house. The factory has been awarded the ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. In the new FROMM Plastics production factory in Kölleda Germany, FROMM manufacture, the "STARSTRAP" polyester (PET) strapping, and the film for the Air-pad systems.

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[email protected] Phone: +420 773 610 373. STAZ s.r.o. are leading sellers of and dog food in the Czech Republic. STAZ carries Fromm Family Foods products among other world brands of first class quality. As one of the world leaders in dog and food, STAZ has more than 10,000 satisfied customers and their pets.

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The PET recycling company Texplast in Wolfen (Germany) has been a subsidiary of FROMM Plastics since 2004. Texplast produces PET regranulate and PET flakes. FROMM uses these to produce strapping itself but the company also supplies manufacturers of drink bottles, thermoforming sheets and fibres. The contracting partners have agreed to keep ...

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The majority of this recycled raw material is produced, amongst others, in FROMM's own plastic recycling plant Texplast in Wolfen. FROMM Plastic Strap is a sustainable packaging solution. Our innovative use of PET resins produces high-quality strapping, widths from 8mm wide to 32mm. Density from 0.4 to 1.5mm thick.

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Our efficient solutions to this market have been recognized over the years by many major manufacturers. Appreciating the combination of unique FROMM strapping tools and automatic strapping machines with plastic strap (in any color), and our automatic horizontal and vertical Octomeca™ film wrapping machines.

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Form Fill Seal Machines suppliers and manufacturers of the FROMM Packaging Australia provide high quality products such as PM10000 Automatic Inline Polyester Strapping Machine. Post Your Requirement. Get Listed Industrial Events. Products

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The FROMM Group. Established in 1947, FROMM is a market-leading manufacturer of automated packaging solutions, wrapping machines, strapping machines, the patented Airpad pillow system, as well as all necessary consumables. We design, develop, and produce a wide variety of systems for unitizing and palletizing goods for transport.

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FROMM packaging tools Well secured - one goes further ! 11 Feb 12, 2008 FROMM Stretch Wrapping Division, Caprino (VR) Italy and machines as well as our PET strapping will help you to reach the summit.

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FROMM Plastics Asia (FPA) is a manufacturer of PET straps (STARstrap™) and a subsidiary of FROMM Holding AG Switzerland (established in 1947). With its numerous subsidiaries around the world FROMM Group is considered to be a leading supplier of equipment, tools and consumables within the strapping industry.

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Plastic strapping (PET) Plastic strapping (PP) Steel strapping; Airpad solutions ... sales and service - worldwide and from a single supplier! Benefit from our expertise! Read news! Name. Email FROMM General Brochure. General brochure. Copy link. Share. Industry Brochure Logistic ... You will be contacted by the appropriate FROMM office in your ...